School Based Competitions


In 2016, The Elephant Society is planning on further increasing awareness and education programs among students. Students are also going to be encouraged to take a more active part in fundraising as well as educating their peers about the harm that ivory trade causes. We plan to achieve this through the introduction of competitions aimed at students at the Primary and Secondary schooling levels:

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One of the key areas that The Elephant Society aims to raise funds for is the support of young animals that have been orphaned through acts of poaching. We are supporting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Elephant orphan Program . Participating schools may select which of the charities, and within them which orphans, that they wish to support and will be encouraged to raise funds in any way they want! The schools will then tally up the total of their donations and the school which tallies the most will be granted a trophy (which they will hold for a year) to commend them for their efforts.

Click here to find out more about the adoption program competition.


MEdia and Arts 

The best way to halt the illegal ivory trade is to reduce the demand for the products.
"When the buying stops, the killing can too."
It's important for the younger generation to understand this and for people the world over to work together to reduce the demand for ivory and wildlife products. For this competition we encourage students in groups of varying sizes (ranging from a whole school down to an individual) to create and upload a piece of media or art that raises awareness against illegal ivory trade or for the conservation of endangered species. 

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