The Elephant Society

The Elephant Society was formed in November 2014 to help spread the word about the plight of the elephant and rhino, two species that will be extinct in this generation if nothing is done to halt the demand for their tusks and horns. In 2014 we held an Elephant Week in Hong Kong where we visited schools, seeing over 1,000 kids to help educate them about these magnificent animals and the importance of keeping them alive. To help with this we brought a Maasai warrior to Hong Kong and also one of the kings of conservation in East Africa, Richard Bonham from Big Life Foundation. The week culminated in a gala dinner for over 200 people where funds were raised to help organisations (including Big Life and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust) tackle the poaching problems on the ground in Africa. The impact was a strong one. This year we are holding very much the same programme though expanding this to include Singapore as well as the orangutans and their habitat in south East Asia. The education programme is a very important aspect of the work The Elephant Society is doing as without this the next generation will not understand the importance of saving animals and their habitats as opposed to destroying them. it really is a true saying that "when the buying stops the killing can too" and the demand will only cease when people understand.