Media Competition

Unfortunately, the sale of illegal ivory and other wildlife products will not disappear over night. Therefore it's important for us to reduce demand thus eliminating the market for poachers. 

Long term preservation and protection for endangered species will come from the next generation, the students of today. It is often found that students learn best from their peers and even better when they are teaching each other; which is what this competition will focus on. Students of any age and in groups of any sizes (ranging from individuals to an entire school), are encouraged to create a piece of media or art which brings attention to the need for increased wildlife preservation and to reduce the demand for the products of endangered species the world over. Teachers may choose to lead these student groups if they wish.

Any form of visual art or creative process will be considered. Some examples of what students could look to create:

  • Posters / Painting / Clay-work / Photography
  • Video / Song / Drama 
  • Website / Presentation

We encourage students to get creative and have fun. We encourage all students to submit and share any piece they produce, often even simple works of art can generate large responses. Most importantly we remind students to raise awareness for the cause with factual or emotive pieces of work.

Once a group has been formed and has it's idea in mind, they can email us at with their plan and to register for the competition. Upon completion of their art; students will be asked to create a digital copy of their work (whether it is a video of them playing their song or a picture of their painting) and upload it to one of Facebook, Youtube or Instagram with #TheElephantSociety tagged.   Online submissions of the finished piece of media will be due in 2017, for judgement, with the winner being announced on the 2017 ball. The judgement will be based upon the quality and creativity of the art being produced as well as a rough estimate of the reach and awareness that it brings (in terms of views and likes on the website it has been uploaded to). Therefore its best to get your submission in early to get the most attention for it.

The school of the winning group can select 2 students be granted a trip to Kenya where they will learn more about the plight of endangered animals in East Africa and what is being done to help them. The trip is set to be an educational in nature, but also would allow the students to have a very unique experience. More information about the trip is to follow, or any questions about the competition can be directed to Our hope is that these students will return to their schools and communities with a better understanding of the important of conservation. Then these students will then take the lessons they learnt and share them with those around them, further spreading the message of conservation.