Adoption programs

Unfortunately not acts of poaching can be prevented. Often the adults of the species are targeted by poachers, especially in the case of elephants, so that their wildlife parts can be harvested and sold on the black market. Before the maturation of their tusks, the young calves are ignored by the poachers and are left to fend for themselves. Without maternal care most of these calves would not make it, causing the poachers to effectively destroy 2 generations of animals (along with any subsequent ones) for a single collection of wildlife parts. Although our long term hope is to abolish poaching all together; for now we have to work to ensure the survival of future generations of these endangered species. We encourage you to support our partner charity's adoption programs and help us preserve the future of these endangered species.

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Adopt an elephant orphan

Our partner charity the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) hosts a very established orphan's project. To date their wardens have successfully hand-raised over 150 orphaned elephants. DSWT prides themselves on their successful rehabilitation of the orphans back into herds and the subsequent successful birth of wild-born calves.

To find out more about how you can contribute to the fostering of an orphaned elephant, please visit their Orphan's Project Page.