The Elephant Society


Is an organisation that is determined to end illegal wildlife trade and to abolish acts of poaching. We hope to achieve this through education of the importance of conservation, informing of the harm that the illegal wildlife trade causes and fund raising for organisations working on the ground in East Africa and Asia to protect endangered species.



The Elephant Society is an anti-poaching and conservation charity based in Hong Kong with a particular interest in the conservation of African Elephants in East Africa. We were formed in November 2014 to help raise awareness against the poaching of elephants and rhinos, two species that will be extinct in this generation if nothing is done to halt the demand for their tusk. A large portion of the work that we do at The Elephant Society is to educate the population of the harms that poaching and illegal ivory trade has on both the animals and communities both at the source and at the point of sale. With Hong Kong being the largest consumer of illegal ivory in the world, the issue hits very close to home. In 2014 we held an Elephant Education Week in Hong Kong where we visited schools, seeing over 1000 students to help educate them about these magnificent animals, the importance of supporting conservation programs and how the little and large ways they could help the cause. To assist with this we brought a Maasai warrior to Hong Kong and also one of the kings of conservation in East Africa, Richard Bonham from Big Life Foundation. The week culminated in a gala dinner for over 200 people, with the main objective of fundraising to help our partner organisations (including Big Life and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust) tackle the poaching problems on the ground in Africa. The impact was strong.


In 2016 we plan to grow on our previous work. Keeping the popular and successful Elephant Education Week as well as the Gala Ball, we also aim to expand the involvement of schools in both Hong Kong and Singapore. This will be achieved through another round of school visits as well as establishing some new events in the form of School Based Competitions, which aim to raise awareness for the youth of Hong Kong and Singapore as well as encourage them to join in fundraising effort. We at The Elephant Society believe that the key to the long term abolition of the illegal ivory trade is education and understanding the damage it causes. Targeted at the young and old alike, we aim to maintain the discussion regarding the abolition of ivory trade in Hong Kong and to eradicate poaching in Eastern Africa.  

"when the buying stops, the killing can too"

So we at The Elephant Society encourage you to join us in our mission to stop the illegal ivory trade. To find out more about the damage that the illegal ivory trade causes: visit our Facts about Poaching page. If you're ready to help; find out how you can Get Involved. Or visit our social media pages linked below.