Hong Kong Lion Week 2019

19th - 23rd August

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The father of lions

George Adamson, the ‘Lion Man’ of Africa was one of the founding fathers of wildlife conservation. He is best known through the book and film ‘Born Free’, the story of Elsa, an orphaned lioness raised and released into the wild by Adamson and his wife, Joy.

20th August sees the 30th anniversary of the death of George and The Elephant Foundation is honored to have Danial Ole Sambu and Richard Turere to take part in our schools’ programmes (19th - 23rd August) leading up to a dinner in memory of George, which will be held in the Hong Kong Club on the 20th August. Funds raised will go towards the Big Life Foundation predator compensation programme.

Who will now care for the animals for they cannot look after themselves? Are there young men and women who will raise their voices when mine is carried away on the wind, to plead their case?
— George Adamson 1906 - 1989

Guest Speakers

Daniel Ole Sambu


Daniel is a Maasai Warrior who has been with us for the last four years of Hong Kong Elephant Week and a senior member of the Big Life Foundation. He leads a large team managing predator compensation.

He is a great and inspiring speaker and will be talking about the Maasai culture, the symbiotic relationship with wildlife, the impact of poaching and human wildlife conflict and how the Maasai people are changing their traditional ways to support conservation.

Richard Turere

Richard is a young inventor from the Maasai community who invented ‘lion lights', an elegant way to protect his family’s cattle from lion attacks.

He will be sharing with the students and adults in Hong Kong, the solar-powered solution her designed to safely scare the lions away.

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